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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Hopefully the answers to the most common questions will be answered...

What does my child need for playgroup?

All children will be required to bring a bag with them which has a change of clothes in case of any accidents – we do like to get creative and messy! Nappies/pull ups will need to be provided if your child requires these, playgroup will provide wipes (we only use sensitive ones) and nappy sacks.

Your child will have their own peg and tray to put their belongings on/in – we suggest suitable clothing for the weather, sun hat, warm jacket etc.

Do I need to provide lunch?

All children who receive funding will have a packed lunch provided for them from Tayside contracts (the school kitchen). Children who do not receive funding will have a lunch provided for them by playgroup which is similar to the lunch given by Tayside contracts to ensure consistency.

All children are provided a morning snack by playgroup too. To minimise the spread of infection children will not be helping to make or serve snacks until further notice – we understand this eliminates some learning opportunities but we must think of the health and safety of all.

Do they need a water bottle?

Playgroup are providing all children with their own water bottle they can access at any time during the playgroup session. These will be clearly identifiable to your child to ensure no sharing takes place. These will remain at playgroup so we can wash and store them in line with our cleaning and hygiene procedures.

My child is toilet trained but requires some help.

The toilets within the playgroup are clearly visible and easily accessible. They will be shown to all children (returning and new) so they know where to go. Staff frequently ask and take children to the toilet to avoid any accidents and will happily help any and all children who require it. Playgroup promotes independence and will allow for as much of this as possible when using the toilet.

Will I be notified if my child is upset?

We understand that some children (returning and new) may find coming to playgroup and being left with unfamiliar faces upsetting. However, all staff are well trained to support children with calming and encouraging words, cuddles if needed and distraction techniques. If we feel that your child will not settle and their time at playgroup will cause distress you will be contacted and arrangements will be made for a safe collection.

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