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Playgroup ~ pre-school nursery

Good morning all,

Recently, some parents/carers were starting to discuss moving their children on to the pre-school nursery attached to us. This happens every year and we are very used to the dilemma this presents to you and the discussion of what is best for you, your child and your family circumstances.

From August 2020 - the increase in funding hours available to all children of a funded age and the changes in early education settings based on this increase in hours has brought many more questions of what is the next step for your child in their educational journey.

Long gone are the days when children attended toddler groups - playgroup - pre school nursery - then primary one.

Playgroups and pre-school nurseries are exactly the same - we follow the same curriculum and hold the same level of qulaifications, undergo the same regulations for governing bodies and always want the best for your child.

I developed some information which I hope will help - as always if you need any more information, please contact us. :-)

Download DOCX • 106KB

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